Add URL : SEO friendly directory list

Directory Title PR Comments
1 submit 7 although contested, yes, DMOZ is still cool
2 suggest 6 it has been around since 2001
3 5 clean directory started in 2005
4 add url 4 sort by country feature
5 submit 4 business directory
6 insert 4 you have to insert a meta tag
7 submit 5 environment friendly websites directory
8 lsblogs 5 directory for blogs
9 4 free directory for UK only
10 5 premium directory
11 3 free general directory
12 submit 3 general directory started in 2007
13 3 top ranked by many lists
14 submit 4 clean UK shopping directory
15 4 well maintained
16 5 online from 2003
17 submit 5 special design, must see
18 2 free regular listings
19 4 over 20k active listings
20 5 very customized categories
21 submit 4 directory for Canadian sites only
22 3 free directory
23 submit 3 shopping sites and reviews
24 4 2 bucks instant approve
25 add url 6 Australian Directory
26 7 All The Web
27 8
27 7 Anzwers
28 6 Caloweb
29 4
30 5
31 6
32 9
33 8
33 5
34 4
35 5
36 4 Mister Jack
37 5 Multisearch
38 2 National Directory
39 7 Northern Light
40 6 Starsearch
41 7
42 6 Webcrawler
43 5 Wisenut

rapidly reduce the ranking of your site in Alexa

If you own blog and started a new blog that you will find your ranking in Alexa 20000000 And maybe more… This means that your website or blog is now almost at the end of blogging then I just wanted to show you whenever the ranking of your website or blog is reduce, your site will be more interesting.
eg :
  • Google is number 1
  • Facebook is number 2
  • YouTube is the number 3
  • and so on ..
we will explain you the methods that you are helped to reduce the ranking of your website or blog to alexa in record time What many do not know is that the Alexa toolbar download is one of the most important secrets to reduce your ranking quickly between sites can exceed several million sites in just a few days.
When you have completed your first blog thing you have to do is:
  1. Submit your website or blog to search engines - SEO Series HB
  2. add your site or blog this link list

How to download the Alexa toolbar?

  • 1 Go to the toolbar
  • 2 Download the toolbar and install it on your computer
you will find a small icon (for the chrome browser) became the next parameters. Note: Toolbar supports Firefox and Google Chrome and Internet Explorer only.

toolbar alexa how to download toolbar alexa

Well what should catch the Alexa toolbar?

Once you download the toolbar and add your site, of course, on the Alexa site will improve your site ranking very high speed. Click on the small icon Alexa will show you a small page lets you know precisely these properties:
  1. You can follow the ranking of your site is constantly evolving in terms of proliferation and visitors to sites in the world.
  2. Follow the ranking of your site in sites in your country.
  3. You can see and visit the comparable site links.
  4. See related links for your site.
  5. See this site in recent years when it seemed Visitors statistics at your choice.
  6. Gives you information about the sites you visit and statistics on these sites and suggests you block annoying ads functionality of the browser.
  7. A complete analysis of your website and see what sites you bring visitors.
  8. In addition to all these benefits, all visitors to your site have a band as it lowers your ranking quickly.

how to add your site or your blog to alexa and take your code of statistics and Alexa's widgets on your site and show off your Traffic Rank

alexa-logo-2013 webtine
Today a very important subject

What is Alexa?

Alexa is the leading provider of free, global web metrics. Search Alexa to discover the most successful sites on the web by keyword, category, or country. Use our analytics for competitive analysis, benchmarking, market research, or business development. Use Alexa's Pro tools to optimize your company's presence on the web.

how to register on alexa:

First start To register please click following link has Webmasters can also suggest their sites Alexa by clicking this link: .
In the top right you will find :

Create an Account on alexa

1 email ex ex@gmail
2 pseudo **
3 registre
1 alexa

Congratulations t have it send a confirmation message. Go now to your inbox.

2-alexa 10

1 here is your confirmation link to validate your account.

alexa 3

1 set passwort
2 re enter your password
And finally click on submit
alexa 4

you create an account to alexa now to add your website or blog Click one get Started

alexa 5

Choose free Sign Up

alexa 6

writing your blog or website link and click continue

alexa 7

Dfirst to confirm your website or blog Click on 1 Download . alexa 8

You will find a web page to confirm and make your meta tag code For you must download here: Notpade++
After your download right click on the html file and edit notpade
Copy your html meta tag

alexa 9

Paste this tag in your code and website for blogger Model then click on edit html Must be careful just paste the tag after the tag And click insights see if your blog is all it's going to click Save model Otherwise the close and repeat the same operation.

alexa 11

Returning to alexa
After inserting our verification code
1 click to check your ID
Wait a bit if you have to insert your code correctly <meta>
Message validation is 2
Otherwise repeat operations And 3 to continue

alexa 12

1 Choose a country 2'm writing a url to your site or 3 The title of your website 4 Description: write your description using keys word for archiving your website

alexa 13

Congratulations you have added your first website or blog alexa Click on Go to the Dashboard

alexa 14

Your website or blog and add a good base to give the alexa veiled cordoonnees your website or blog Now is the main part is: How to make your alexa widgets or how to get code your alexa Click on the top and bottom of product page click Tools for site Owners Or CLIKE here: siteowners

alexa 15

Choose:Alexa Site Widgets .

alexa 16

1 written your website or blog 2 click build widgets

alexa 17

Congratulations here is your alexa widgets 1 small rectangle 2 Vertical banner 3 BannierCopier ce code et le coller dans votre code html du ton site If you have a blog Layout and choose the best place for your blog and paste your code

alexa 18

Learn how to scan the number of visitors your site's backlinks and the state and work for your site statistics


I explain to you how to get backlinks and how to get visitors.

And I will explain to you in this post, God way of knowing the number of visitors to your site and the number of backlinks What is the status of your site.

First way to know the status of your site:

Method is very easy, there are two sites will help you on this
You can add your test or pressing Monitoring.

Second way to know how many backlinks:

To see how many backlinks in sites with very low in order alexa and someone clicking on the link to the site you can find out the number of this type of backlinks by going to your site's ranking in alexa, will find the word Links In underneath ***** know that this figure Number of backlinks of this type.
Or, if you want to know the latest backlinks leading to your site
Go to the global search engine Google and type Link: Link your site

Example: - link:
But if you want the total number of backlinks to your site
There are two locations offering this service
The first site
The second site seo center

When we talk about backlinks must not forget pagerank
To calculate pagerank Here are the best sites to calculate pagerank
1. Pr Checker
But if you want to know next pagerank for your site go to this site seomastering

Third, the number of visitors your site:

If you own a blog Blogger, go to Control Panel, and then Statistics and you'll find full statistics
But if you do not have a blog owned Blogger or even want statistics .

The best sites to work for your site statistics
The best of these sites google analytics site's Google, is considered the best ever, especially as it continued the company's global Google
There are some different sites, which enables you to put On Statistics in the forums:
--> The LINK:            w3 counter       histats               goingup

What "Back Links"? What a way to get it?

What "Back Links"? What a way to get it?

Dear visitors of the Code webtine welcome you in the new objective in which I will explain to you what is "Back Links"? And get it in the easiest way and most where I will be very brief and give you the words of a traditional, but I will give you shortcuts to go very outstanding site to the fullest extent.
First need what the meaning of the word "Back Links?
"Back Links" are links that show on your site "links that you put into any web page."
Secondly What is the benefit "Back Links"?
"Back Links him the benefit could not overlooked any website owner.

How so????

 Because the order of any site in the search engines in general and Google in particular is the number of Back Links indicate page respondent.

Third, how do I get the "Back Links"?

There are many ways in which we can get "Back Links" and there are about 6 ways to get puck Link which will explain to you every one on my own.
1 - by putting your link in blogs .... ???
Do not put your link in the comments Fund but put it so
- Put your link in the forums so as not to leave Celebrity Forum or registered Houdrtk it only put your link in it
Put your link in your signature always
Put your link in your responses, for example: Write thank in your response to him link your site. There are some forums that allow you to advertise your site through Multi tried to take advantage of all these forums are a treasure.
- There are a lot of sites that give you huge numbers of "Back Links" for the amount of money is the most important of these sites Site de
And you can win money from this site through to be a publisher and sells "Back Links" by placing links to other sites in your site.

5 - a new service offered by some sites by giving the "Back Links" to visiting sites and I learned from each "Back Links" that would give
This is one of the best sites that offers you this unique service
Important Note: may be delayed subscription confirmation message to the days may be found in the list of unwanted messages.
And then add your site here

Exactly like this moment the reduction Negi to the latter point, and more importantly
6 - Add your site to various web guides and this road to real success
This is a list of the best sites with high pagerank of foreign sites
And tried to search for evidence Arab and add your site
Another link:

 Reduce this moment, the last and most important point

I guarantee you applied what you said in addition to writing good topics useful and exciting market achieved unrivaled success.

How To Submit Your Website/Blog To Search Engines - HB SEO Series

If you have didn't submitted your blog to major search engines then you are missing a lot of your visitors per day.By submitting your blog/website to search engines such Google,Bing and Yahoo,you can tell them that I am also in the world of the Internet.Submission will increase your blog chances of being indexed the next time they crawl the web. Submission is absolutely free and it is very easy to do.Also we have started the SEO series,we will post three articles in this series and they are as below :

1. Submitting Blog/Website To Google

Go to Google Submission Page.


  • Type your blog URL in the URL box.
  • Enter the Captcha as shown and hit Submit Request Button.  

2. Submitting Blog/Website To Yahoo

Note - Yahoo Site explorer has been merged with Bing webmaster Tools. When you add your blog/website to Bing it will automatically added it to Yahoo. 

3. Submitting Blog/Website To Bing

  • Enter the captcha as shown in image.
  • Give your Blog/Website URL and hit Submit URL Button and you are done.

4.Submit Blog/Website Search Engines With Using Free Services

You can also use free services to submit your blog/website to search engines.Here I am giving a list of some free services.
  1. Submit Express
  2. Add Me
  3. Submit Domain Name
  4. Search Engine Submission
I hope this post post will surely help you to improve your blog's SEO.If you have any queries or any ideas then feel free to post it below. Happy Blogging....