Learn how to scan the number of visitors your site's backlinks and the state and work for your site statistics


I explain to you how to get backlinks and how to get visitors.

And I will explain to you in this post, God way of knowing the number of visitors to your site and the number of backlinks What is the status of your site.

First way to know the status of your site:

Method is very easy, there are two sites will help you on this
You can add your test or pressing Monitoring.

Second way to know how many backlinks:

To see how many backlinks in sites with very low in order alexa and someone clicking on the link to the site you can find out the number of this type of backlinks by going to your site's ranking in alexa, will find the word Links In underneath ***** know that this figure Number of backlinks of this type.
Or, if you want to know the latest backlinks leading to your site
Go to the global search engine Google and type Link: Link your site

Example: - link: www.webtine.blogspot.com
But if you want the total number of backlinks to your site
There are two locations offering this service
The first site http://www.backlinkwatch.com
The second site seo center

When we talk about backlinks must not forget pagerank
To calculate pagerank Here are the best sites to calculate pagerank
1. Pr Checker
But if you want to know next pagerank for your site go to this site seomastering

Third, the number of visitors your site:

If you own a blog Blogger, go to Control Panel, and then Statistics and you'll find full statistics
But if you do not have a blog owned Blogger or even want statistics .

The best sites to work for your site statistics
The best of these sites google analytics site's Google, is considered the best ever, especially as it continued the company's global Google
There are some different sites, which enables you to put On Statistics in the forums:
--> The LINK:            w3 counter       histats               goingup