how to add your site or your blog to alexa and take your code of statistics and Alexa's widgets on your site and show off your Traffic Rank

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Today a very important subject

What is Alexa?

Alexa is the leading provider of free, global web metrics. Search Alexa to discover the most successful sites on the web by keyword, category, or country. Use our analytics for competitive analysis, benchmarking, market research, or business development. Use Alexa's Pro tools to optimize your company's presence on the web.

how to register on alexa:

First start To register please click following link has Webmasters can also suggest their sites Alexa by clicking this link: .
In the top right you will find :

Create an Account on alexa

1 email ex ex@gmail
2 pseudo **
3 registre
1 alexa

Congratulations t have it send a confirmation message. Go now to your inbox.

2-alexa 10

1 here is your confirmation link to validate your account.

alexa 3

1 set passwort
2 re enter your password
And finally click on submit
alexa 4

you create an account to alexa now to add your website or blog Click one get Started

alexa 5

Choose free Sign Up

alexa 6

writing your blog or website link and click continue

alexa 7

Dfirst to confirm your website or blog Click on 1 Download . alexa 8

You will find a web page to confirm and make your meta tag code For you must download here: Notpade++
After your download right click on the html file and edit notpade
Copy your html meta tag

alexa 9

Paste this tag in your code and website for blogger Model then click on edit html Must be careful just paste the tag after the tag And click insights see if your blog is all it's going to click Save model Otherwise the close and repeat the same operation.

alexa 11

Returning to alexa
After inserting our verification code
1 click to check your ID
Wait a bit if you have to insert your code correctly <meta>
Message validation is 2
Otherwise repeat operations And 3 to continue

alexa 12

1 Choose a country 2'm writing a url to your site or 3 The title of your website 4 Description: write your description using keys word for archiving your website

alexa 13

Congratulations you have added your first website or blog alexa Click on Go to the Dashboard

alexa 14

Your website or blog and add a good base to give the alexa veiled cordoonnees your website or blog Now is the main part is: How to make your alexa widgets or how to get code your alexa Click on the top and bottom of product page click Tools for site Owners Or CLIKE here: siteowners

alexa 15

Choose:Alexa Site Widgets .

alexa 16

1 written your website or blog 2 click build widgets

alexa 17

Congratulations here is your alexa widgets 1 small rectangle 2 Vertical banner 3 BannierCopier ce code et le coller dans votre code html du ton site If you have a blog Layout and choose the best place for your blog and paste your code

alexa 18