rapidly reduce the ranking of your site in Alexa

If you own blog and started a new blog that you will find your ranking in Alexa 20000000 And maybe more… This means that your website or blog is now almost at the end of blogging then I just wanted to show you whenever the ranking of your website or blog is reduce, your site will be more interesting.
eg :
  • Google is number 1
  • Facebook is number 2
  • YouTube is the number 3
  • and so on ..
we will explain you the methods that you are helped to reduce the ranking of your website or blog to alexa in record time What many do not know is that the Alexa toolbar download is one of the most important secrets to reduce your ranking quickly between sites can exceed several million sites in just a few days.
When you have completed your first blog thing you have to do is:
  1. Submit your website or blog to search engines - SEO Series HB
  2. add your site or blog this link list

How to download the Alexa toolbar?

  • 1 Go to the toolbar
  • 2 Download the toolbar and install it on your computer
you will find a small icon (for the chrome browser) became the next parameters. Note: Toolbar supports Firefox and Google Chrome and Internet Explorer only.

toolbar alexa how to download toolbar alexa

Well what should catch the Alexa toolbar?

Once you download the toolbar and add your site, of course, on the Alexa site will improve your site ranking very high speed. Click on the small icon Alexa will show you a small page lets you know precisely these properties:
  1. You can follow the ranking of your site is constantly evolving in terms of proliferation and visitors to sites in the world.
  2. Follow the ranking of your site in sites in your country.
  3. You can see and visit the comparable site links.
  4. See related links for your site.
  5. See this site in recent years when it seemed Visitors statistics at your choice.
  6. Gives you information about the sites you visit and statistics on these sites and suggests you block annoying ads functionality of the browser.
  7. A complete analysis of your website and see what sites you bring visitors.
  8. In addition to all these benefits, all visitors to your site have a band as it lowers your ranking quickly.

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